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“Somewhere behind the competitor you’ve become, the practices, the people who pushed you, the races you have competed in, the long time dedication, and the friendships you have made along the way, there’s a little boy who fell in love with the race; do it for him….”

Monday, February 25, 2008


It was yesterday, a Sunday, and it just kinda hit me. The day before Dan and I had a clinic to give in Chisago Lakes so it was an early Saturday morning of workouts. Swimming came first and it was mmmmmmmmm... ok. I'm really starting to expect a lot in the pool as workouts have been faster than I ever have this winter. The base was some strong 200's and things were fine. I was actually wearing a bit more of a drag suit and could really tell. Next came a run. Wow, did not feel well at all. I DID reach for the ipod this time and have to say it saved me! I had just downloaded some GNR and just smiled as it came on- taking me back to a time when this was all a game, life was fun and free and workouts seemed more an adventure than a job. I had some 2 min. harder efforts and rarely made it the entire two minutes. Yes, I certainly could have finished them off but felt that it wouldn't be beneficial the way I was feeling. I could go on and on. This brings us to Sunday.
My coach had even more intensity on the run, strength training and even a short ride. Just couldn't do it. I NEEDED a Sunday. A day to wake up late, read the paper, and nap, nap, nap. The stress indicator in the mornings has been resting heart rate. It as actually back down near normal in the morning. Still I just didn't feel that it would be smart to do a lot of hard work today. To top it off it was a beautiful day! Yet, I resisted the temptation, played with my kids, actually took a nap and even got a few minutes of the World Golf Championships in.
When all of this happens I usually fight a small battle in my head- am I being smart or am I being a wimp? It's a borderline that athletes teeter on.
My conclusion is this. All of us work hard and have overcome our own obstacles both big and small- getting out the door, following dreams, raising our kids, surviving in this crazy world, striving to understand our faith, finding purpose.
Smart or wimpy? I don't think any of us are wimps!