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“Somewhere behind the competitor you’ve become, the practices, the people who pushed you, the races you have competed in, the long time dedication, and the friendships you have made along the way, there’s a little boy who fell in love with the race; do it for him….”

Friday, July 18, 2008

Time Off

Well, last weeks race did not go well. By this I mean the result was not what I wanted. However, some positives remain. I came out of the swim 1st with what felt like not a huge effort. My effort level was there! I felt really bad on the bike. NO GAS! But I kept on fighting. The run was much of the same. No legs, really struggling, just no SNAP. Once again I hold onto the fact that I pushed it HARD on the run and never once gave up. I slowed a little to give the girls a HIGH 5 but then turned it back on to sprint in. The result was a distant 4th in a race that should have been battling for the win. BUT another great positive was Danny Boy grabbing the victory in what I think may be his best race yet! A solid swim, strong bike and outstanding sub 34:00 6 mile run. NICE!

Continuing with the positives our family was lucky enough to have a cabin to stay in for free. What transpired was a really great impromptu VACATION! We stayed two nights longer than we planned and had a blast. Boating, fishing, swimming, bonfire and LOTS OF FOOD! To sum it up, a quote from Quincy- " Mom and Dad I never want to go home, I want to stay at the cabin." I think it was a little bit of the entire family's sentiment.

During our stay it was also decided that we would not be dragging the family to Racine for another 1/2 this season. Enough was enough. I really think it was a good decision as it allows for recovery time and a much earlier start on specific preparation for IM Louisville! I've also developed a new goal- simply have my best Ironman ever. No more delusions or stresses of trying to qualify for Hawaii or go for some unrealistic time. I will simply prepare and race to the best of my ability with the situation that presents itself.

I had a long talk with my coach and we agree that the thing missing for me is recovery. With my health status, my family, age and work schedule I just can't hope to race so many weeks in a row. It leaves no time for recovery and no time for training- it's an evil spiral.

This week I've taken the week off of triathlon activities. However, I'm back home for a reunion and as fate would have it the Okoboji Triathlon (my first triathlon I think) is being held tomorrow so I just have to join Kate Monster for the fun. The key word is FUN! It would be great to have both of us win but it will be much more important to enjoy it! Monday we're onto the new attitude, new schedule for Ironman and NEW RESULTS!

Thanks again to all of you- God Bless!

See you out there...